Marketing Your Business Online In 2016

Now more so than ever, digital marketing is an integral part of most businesses and their marketing strategy. In this post, i’ll share 3 essential ways to market your business in 2016, and how to approach it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An increasing number of small and medium sized businesses alike are realising the value in search engine optimisation.  And for good reason; locals are searching for local businesses and services through Google, more so than any other medium.

Not only does effective SEO put your business in front of more potential customers who search for your service/offering in Google and other search engines, but it can be an extremely cost effective way to boost your business.

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2. Using Social Media For Customer Retention

So many small businesses focus on social media for the sole purpose of gaining new customers. While this is a sound approach – many small businesses miss out on the full benefit of social media by using it to retain current customers and encourage more frequent interactions with your business.

Creating and maintaining connection with customers through social media can be very beneficial. Of course, social media is more beneficial for certain categories more so than others.

3. Content On Your Website

It’s no secret content is extremely important on a website. The internet would be empty without content. But the content i am talking about is content relevant to the needs of your consumers.

For example – i offer search engine optimisation services – and you are reading this content. Now there is a slight possibility of you engaging with FlexibleSEO should you be looking for SEO solutions.

Much the same – by creating compelling content on your website, you give your business the opportunity to attract more customers, as well as push to your current customers to provide them helpful information on a reular basis (via email newsletter/sharing to your social media).


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