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    Early 2016 SEO News, Updates & Thoughts

    There has been a lot of interesting news and insights in the SEO space in the past few weeks of this new year. In this post are some insightful links to seo news and articles, as well as some thoughts at the end. Stop Worrying about keywords and focus on topics – This is not breaking […]

  • Marketing Your Business Online In 2016

    Now more so than ever, digital marketing is an integral part of most businesses and their marketing strategy. In this post, i’ll share 3 essential ways to market your business in 2016, and how to approach it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) An increasing number of small and medium sized businesses alike are realising the value […]

  • What Does An SEO Company / Consultant Do?

    A very common question among small business owners is the question of what seo service providers actually do to justify the fees they charge. The work of an SEO consultant/serivce provider is mostly simple, but substantial It isn’t a degree education level of skill (although one in marketing/IT helps), it is always changing, and the […]

  • Don’t Fall For SEO Email Spam

    Have you ever received an email from an “online seo expert” or something along those lines? It is a very common occurrence. Scammers from all over the world (often India) will send an email stating that they will help you with your SEO, or guarantee higher rankings. Many scammers prey on small businesses, who view […]

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis Is A Waste Of Time For New Websites

    If you are launching, or have launched a new website, and are familiar with competitor backlink analysis using backlink tools; you may be tempted to immediately just get the same backlinks your competitors do. Afterall – it’s best to copy the leaders, right? Not always. In this post, i’ll explain why you should refrain from […]

  • Google Penguin Update 2015

    Google’s Penguin Algorithm deals with links pointing to a website. The objective of penguin is to ensure websites who are engaging in dodgy link building strategies and activities are caught and penalised. Since its launch in 2012, the algorithm has been updated, continually evolving. 2015 Real-Time Update It has been stated that a real-time penguin […]

  • Why Has My Website Dropped In Google

    Among those implementing SEO for their website, often, a time arises where the rankings of their website will drop; be it slightly or dramatically. In this post, i’ll explain some of the most common reasons as to why your website’s rankings may have dropped in Google and other search engines. Main Reasons Why Your Rankings […]

  • SEO Vs Adwords

    Quite often, people will approach adwords and SEO as interchangeable digital marketing activities. The truth is, seo and adwords are two extremely different things. In this post, i’ll explain how they differ, and why it’s important to understand the difference. Adwords Adwords is an advertising solution offered by Google . You place your ad, and […]

  • Google Business Profile Tips

    Google’s business page / profile offering for local businesses is an extremely beneficial tool. Some may even say that Google business profiles have replaced the need for business directory websites. In this post, i’ll explain why a business profile is so important, how it works, and also share some tips to use on your Google business […]

  • Google’s Has Changed Its Branding: SEO Implications

    Google has officially changed its branding – or, evolved it. In the official blog post about it, Google said they wanted to create clearer branding which would convey to the user how Google is working for them – rather than simply telling the user they are using Google. Basically, Google want to be seen no […]

  • How Much Does SEO Cost?

    How Much Does Seo Cost?  This is the most commonly asked question among those seeking to hire the services of an seo consultancy or agency. In this post, i’ll explain; How most legitimate seo service providers price their services At the very end of this post, provide you with average pricing.  Please note, this post […]

  • WordPress Makes SEO Easier, And Harder

    It may sound like an oxymoron – but WordPress has indeed made search engine optimisation both easier, and harder. In this post, i’ll show why the WordPress platform is very easy to create an optimised website, while also showing why this has in turn made the search engine optimisation a harder task. WordPress, Plugins & […]